Lexi Ellis – Oregon Track and Field

“Track has been both an extremely grounding and elating experience, much like life. There are moments where I feel like I’m on top of the world and nothing can touch me, and there are moments where I feel like everything is working against me. It’s a constant rollercoaster of emotions; track is one of theContinue reading “Lexi Ellis – Oregon Track and Field”

Katelyn Hutchison – Ithaca Track & Field

“I remember at the end of my freshman year of High School, I ran in the Chicago Public Schools City Championships. I was freaking out. Nobody was expecting me to do anything crazy and out of nowhere I won. A couple weeks later we had the sectional qualifier. When they got to my name, theContinue reading “Katelyn Hutchison – Ithaca Track & Field”

Jordan Fields – Pittsburgh Track and Field

What has track meant to you and taught you? While challenging myself physically and participating in athletic competitions has been rewarding, my greatest takeaway from track and field and the student-athlete lifestyle are the life lessons I learned along the way. Being a track and field athlete at a competitive high school and at theContinue reading “Jordan Fields – Pittsburgh Track and Field”

Jayda Bagstad – Hamline Track & Field

“I did not know if I wanted to continue athletics when I started looking at colleges. Little did I know I was actually getting recruited by several Midwest schools at all different levels. It was shocking to me because I did not think I was good enough to compete at the collegiate level. I rememberContinue reading “Jayda Bagstad – Hamline Track & Field”

Maddy Price – Professional Canadian National Team

“My name is Maddy Price and I am a professional track athlete competing in the 400 and 4×4. I compete for the Canadian National team and was a student-athlete at Duke (18’) where I was a 6x All-American and Captain. I am training in hopes of making the (now) 2021 Olympic Games.” “In my firstContinue reading “Maddy Price – Professional Canadian National Team”

Aimee Chambers – Northridge High School Track and Field

“I am currently a senior in high school and the outdoor track season started last week. I am a high jumper and have been doing it since 7th grade. This year I decided to participate in indoor track, and as a result I broke our school’s indoor record… twice. I jumped 5’2” (previous record wasContinue reading “Aimee Chambers – Northridge High School Track and Field”

Courtney Isom – Senior BYU Track and Field

Courtney Isom – Senior BYU T&F “Ever since I was 7 I had a goal to be a collegiate athlete. I didn’t know what sport until I discovered track and the natural talent I had in it. In high school I broke the school record in high jump and did about every event. My dreamContinue reading “Courtney Isom – Senior BYU Track and Field”

Taylor Wiederrecht – Senior Messiah College Track and Field

“My name is Taylor Wiederrecht and I’m a senior at Messiah College. All four years of my college career I played field hockey and ran track. While playing field hockey my freshman year, we won the NCAA Division III National Championship. Despite this accomplishment, I knew there was more to life than a championship title.”Continue reading “Taylor Wiederrecht – Senior Messiah College Track and Field”