Devon Morris – Ithaca Soccer

“I transferred, my junior year of high school to a small white private school and didn’t really have any friends because I was new. Everyone knew everyone and had grown up with each other so I felt like I was an outsider. I really wanted to do something different. One day, I was kind ofContinue reading “Devon Morris – Ithaca Soccer”

Ari Morgan – Howard Soccer

“Soccer has meant everything to me. If it weren’t for a miscellaneous AYSO flyer tucked away in my kindergarten backpack, I wouldn’t have met some of my greatest friends or thought of attending college outside of my small home state of Oklahoma. Because of soccer, I was able to attend an elite boarding school andContinue reading “Ari Morgan – Howard Soccer”

Olufolasade “Sade” Adamolekun – USC Soccer

“At age five, my parents had both my older brother and I participate in many sports (basketball, tennis, soccer) with the YMCA. My brother being 2 ½ years older than I, allowed me to tag-a-long with my parents to his games. While he was playing his games, I would play world cup with my brother’sContinue reading “Olufolasade “Sade” Adamolekun – USC Soccer”