Angie Benson – Virginia Tech Lacrosse

“Lacrosse means the world to me because that’s what it has given me. It’s taught life lessons on the field that I can take off the field and use in my everyday life. Some of the obstacles I’ve faced in my career have/has been doubt, from other people. I have fortitude. Having the courage toContinue reading “Angie Benson – Virginia Tech Lacrosse”

Chloe Johnson – Ohio State Lacrosse

“Lacrosse means everything to me since I started playing at the age of 4. It has provided me with a lot of opportunities as an athlete, but also as a Black woman. I have gotten to surpass stereotypes and prove I can do more than what is expected of  me. I have gotten to travelContinue reading “Chloe Johnson – Ohio State Lacrosse”