Abby Prohaska – Notre Dame Basketball

“I vividly remember my grandma and I sitting in our car in DC for a tournament my Sophomore year of high school when I got the call from my position coach at Notre Dame. I got out of the car in the middle of an alleyway in Chinatown to talk to her. Thinking of NotreContinue reading “Abby Prohaska – Notre Dame Basketball”

Bryce Owens – New Mexico Basketball

I became a collegiate basketball player because the love I have for the game of basketball is extremely abundant. I knew I did not want my basketball career to end after high school and it has never been something I needed to think about. The goal was to get a scholarship to play Division 1Continue reading “Bryce Owens – New Mexico Basketball”

Antiesha Brown – New Mexico Basketball

“Honestly, I just remember bumping into the middle school, seventh grade girl’s basketball coach, and he had never seen me before. We had just moved from Turkey and in Europe, soccer is the big deal. If you weren’t playing soccer, you weren’t doing anything great with yourself at all.I was taller than the other girlsContinue reading “Antiesha Brown – New Mexico Basketball”

Yolett “Coach Yo” McCuin – Ole Miss Women’s Basketball

“Basketball became a passion for me from a very young age because of my father.  He was a HS basketball coach and one night after a Championship game his team lost the game; when the gym cleared out I vividly remember him crying like a baby.  I had to be like 6 or 7 becauseContinue reading “Yolett “Coach Yo” McCuin – Ole Miss Women’s Basketball”

Destiny Thomas – Clemson Basketball

“Basketball has meant the most to me. Basketball has provided me with SO many opportunities. I’ve been able to travel the world, meet so many amazing people, and create bonds that will last a lifetime. Basketball has shown me how to be resilient.” “An obstacle that I’ve had to overcome throughout my career would beContinue reading “Destiny Thomas – Clemson Basketball”

Altia Anderson – Marquette Basketball

“When I think of basketball my mind starts to go through all the memories, lessons and great people it has brought me that I am forever grateful for. The experiences our sports bring us has no limit in what it teaches us. My sport has led me to some very critical learning points that IContinue reading “Altia Anderson – Marquette Basketball”

Jaide Hinds-Clarke – Richmond Basketball

“I thought I’d share my coming out journey. Here it is: When I was ready, I knew I would be ready. I knew for a long time, and could not bear holding the secret anymore. I was ready to share my authentic self with others. I started with my Mom, then my Dad. With myContinue reading “Jaide Hinds-Clarke – Richmond Basketball”

Lauren Loven – Senior Denver University Basketball

My name is Lauren Loven. I am a senior at the University of Denver and I am double majoring in International Business and Finance. I have been playing basketball ever since I could walk. I worked my whole life to fulfill my dream of playing D1 basketball.  The University of Denver has given me anContinue reading “Lauren Loven – Senior Denver University Basketball”