Madelyn Broxterman – Emporia State Softball

“I always heard stories of athlete’s careers coming to an abrupt halt, or even ending after being seriously injured. I always thought to myself, ‘I am strong. That could never happen to me.” But then it did. Basketball season my senior year of high school the unthinkable happened. Playing full heart and full speed, likeContinue reading “Madelyn Broxterman – Emporia State Softball”

Peyton St. George – Duke Softball

“There isn’t one solid defining moment of my career that I felt like has defined me. Yet, my freshman year of college was one of the most challenging years of my life just because when I lost my identity in softball, I also lost my identity as a person. It took a long time forContinue reading “Peyton St. George – Duke Softball”

Haley Cruse – Oregon Softball

“Softball has instilled so many qualities in me that benefit me both on and off the field. The most important thing it has taught me is how to deal with adversity and how to respond to failure. Growing up, I was a perfectionist who was very afraid of failure. Softball has shown me that theContinue reading “Haley Cruse – Oregon Softball”

Laurén Schiek – Junior Santa Clara Softball

“Growing up, it was always my dream to play the game I loved at the highest level, while learning at a prestigious university, receiving a high academic education. Stepping onto campus at Santa Clara fulfilled that vision for me. I wanted to come to a place where I could make an impact, be part ofContinue reading “Laurén Schiek – Junior Santa Clara Softball”