Mackenzie St. Onge – Dartmouth Hockey

“Hockey is a unique sport. You fly across a sheet of ice, try to put a black piece of rubber past a goalie bulked up in gear, balance on two thin blades, and all while another team is trying to hit you… It’s fast, it’s dynamic, it’s physical, and there is nothing else like it.Continue reading “Mackenzie St. Onge – Dartmouth Hockey”

Elijah Gualdin – Tiffin Track and Field

“Track gave a kid that was nervous to talk to anybody a voice. I grew up stuttering really badly and track has been my way to express myself. It taught me that their are endless amounts of opportunities in this world, you just have to chase them.” “I’ve fought my way to the top ofContinue reading “Elijah Gualdin – Tiffin Track and Field”

Five Things Your Black Teammates Want You to Know

As we’ve shared athlete’s stories, we’ve had the privilege to catch a glimpse into the lives of so many amazing individuals. We’ve rejoiced with them in their successes, and mourned with them in their hardships. For many athletes however, especially those of color, much of their journey is not always easily seen. They carry aContinue reading “Five Things Your Black Teammates Want You to Know”

Kris Alleyne -Professional Lacrosse

“Lacrosse has been everything to me since I started playing in the fourth grade. The game has taught me so many character traits that translate to my everyday life. Leadership, handling adversity, hard work, etc. This game has given me so much in terms of education, lifelong relationships, travel and now as I get older,Continue reading “Kris Alleyne -Professional Lacrosse”

Untold Athletes Launches New Logo and Discusses Plans For Future

We are excited to announce the new Untold Athletes logo and share with you our vision for the future. Over the last few months we have witnessed that telling stories is empowering. It takes courage to be vulnerable, but that courage comes back tenfold. By giving voice to your stories, we have created a communityContinue reading “Untold Athletes Launches New Logo and Discusses Plans For Future”