Anthony Hamilton Jr – Clemson Track and Field

“Track & Field has taught me patience and discipline when it comes to my physical and mental fitness. Trying something new has also taught me how to be coachable and to trust myself in any process and goal that I’m trying to obtain.The main obstacles I had to overcome were two major knee surgeries inContinue reading “Anthony Hamilton Jr – Clemson Track and Field”

Elijah Gualdin – Tiffin Track and Field

“Track gave a kid that was nervous to talk to anybody a voice. I grew up stuttering really badly and track has been my way to express myself. It taught me that their are endless amounts of opportunities in this world, you just have to chase them.” “I’ve fought my way to the top ofContinue reading “Elijah Gualdin – Tiffin Track and Field”

Shyheim Wright – Pittsburgh Track and Field

“Track has been everything to me in terms of how I carry myself as a man and how I look at things now. Track is different than other sports, with the fact that, when you’re out there, you are by yourself. Your performance is based on how you’ve prepared before the race and how youContinue reading “Shyheim Wright – Pittsburgh Track and Field”

Jeshua Anderson – Washington State/Team USA Track and Field

“I was an only child but my dad had 9 siblings so I got beat up on all the time by my older cousins. I had a competitive mindset so I hated losing. My Dad would tell me, ‘If you want to play on a team you’ve gotta work hard. I’m not going to talkContinue reading “Jeshua Anderson – Washington State/Team USA Track and Field”

Trey Harris – Indiana Track and Field

“Chicago is my second home, but that’s another story. I grew up in Elkhart, Indiana. My high school was pretty split but my neighborhood was predominantly Black. I played a lot of AAU basketball growing up. I learned a lot from my teammates and I still keep in contact with them, but some of thoseContinue reading “Trey Harris – Indiana Track and Field”

Casser Middleton – Benedict Track and Field

“Track and field has meant everything to me. It gave me the opportunity to go to school for free. Track and field has taught me that your mindset is the majority of your performance.” “I had to overcome a lot of adversity to get where I am! I went to two schools before I foundContinue reading “Casser Middleton – Benedict Track and Field”

Bryce Choate – Senior Oral Roberts University XC / Track and Field

“Track has been consistent through the most uncertain times of my life. My collegiate career began at a small NAIA institution, Tennessee Wesleyan University. My first two years were full of athletic success but mental struggles. I felt as if my life was a series of decisions based on everyone’s expectations. In the midst ofContinue reading “Bryce Choate – Senior Oral Roberts University XC / Track and Field”