Carlos Dotson – Western Carolina Basketball

“Basketball has meant the world to me. It has brought me so much joy and so many great friendships, I’m glad I choose to play this sport. The connections I have gained from basketball have been life changing.  In 9th grade I was cut by my basketball team. The next year I made JV butContinue reading “Carlos Dotson – Western Carolina Basketball”

Steven Enoch – Louisville Basketball

Basketball means the world to me, and one of the most important things it has taught me is how to work hard and trust the process of constant improvement. Sports have an impact on everyone who watches and plays. My hope for the future of equality in sports is for the world to be moreContinue reading “Steven Enoch – Louisville Basketball”

Derrick Gordon – Seton Hall Basketball

“I tried a number of different sports growing up.  Basketball was the sport that kind of stuck. I went to one of the top rated high schools in the country at the time, St. Patrick’s High School, and played alongside Kyrie Irving. I was one of the top players in the country in my class.Continue reading “Derrick Gordon – Seton Hall Basketball”

Scotty Pippen Jr – Vanderbilt Basketball

“Some obstacles I’ve had to overcome would be trying to deal with people hating on me because of my dad or just setting me at a higher standard because of him. This is something I’ve dealt with my whole life though.” “My advice to younger players would be just to know how short your windowContinue reading “Scotty Pippen Jr – Vanderbilt Basketball”

Markel Leonard – Lewis and Clark Basketball

“I grew up in Richmond, California. It’s known for a lot of violence and poverty and a lot of things that kids shouldn’t have seen growing up, but I was blessed to be sheltered with a great family. I had a lot of great role models to grow up around. I was raised by aContinue reading “Markel Leonard – Lewis and Clark Basketball”

Max Hazzard – Senior University of Arizona Basketbal

“Ever since I can remember I’ve been playing basketball or have been around it. My love for the game naturally grew. My favorite player in middle school was Russell Westbrook. I modeled my game after his and would try and play just like him. When I got to high school I started watching Steph CurryContinue reading “Max Hazzard – Senior University of Arizona Basketbal”

Markus Howard – Senior Marquette Basketball

“To be a senior basketball player in the post season, you want to make the most of each and every day. No matter how the regular season went, you look forward to the opportunity to make your mark as a player and team in March. I’ll never forget hearing the news that ours as wellContinue reading “Markus Howard – Senior Marquette Basketball”

Jake Toolson – Senior BYU Basketball

“Growing up it was always my dream to play at BYU. I loved the cougs and would dream of the day where I would be wearing the blue and white jersey. After high school, I had the opportunity to see my dream come true, and play on the BYU basketball team. As my dream becameContinue reading “Jake Toolson – Senior BYU Basketball”

Jonah Mathews – Senior USC Basketball

“Growing up with my dad and brother involved in basketball, I was surrounded by the game. I was never forced to play, but my Dad told me that if I wanted to play, I’d have to do it the right way. At first, I wasn’t serious about the game, I mostly just cared about myContinue reading “Jonah Mathews – Senior USC Basketball”