Darryll Stinson – Central Michigan Football

“Never let a bad day make you think you have a bad life.  One relationship. One opportunity. One thought can change your life. Hang in there. You may just be ONE step away from a brand new life.” “Watching my teammates Antonio Brown, and Eric Fisher (the #1 pick in 2013 draft) and other professionalContinue reading “Darryll Stinson – Central Michigan Football”

Thomas Booker – Stanford Football

“I was interested in Stanford for a long time. Originally, it wasn’t even about football for me. In middle school I was very much into technology and was a huge nerd when it came to mobile technology. I’d ask myself ‘Who is making these apps?’ and I kept seeing that it was Stanford grads. AtContinue reading “Thomas Booker – Stanford Football”

Ian Troost – Pittsburgh Football

“I grew up in New Hampshire which is 95% white. There are a lot of affluent people and tons of wealth in the area. With all that money, they may be ignorant to a lot of what still happens in the United States because we live in a perfect little bubble here.” “I was essentiallyContinue reading “Ian Troost – Pittsburgh Football”