Marshall Warren – Boston College Hockey

“It all started with figure skating. I used to go watch my sister figure skate so when I was about two-years-old my mom made me start as well. I always got made fun of by the hockey guys but now I’m kind of laughing at them.  I think my mom just had an idea thatContinue reading “Marshall Warren – Boston College Hockey”

Anthony Hamilton Jr – Clemson Track and Field

“Track & Field has taught me patience and discipline when it comes to my physical and mental fitness. Trying something new has also taught me how to be coachable and to trust myself in any process and goal that I’m trying to obtain.The main obstacles I had to overcome were two major knee surgeries inContinue reading “Anthony Hamilton Jr – Clemson Track and Field”

Reece Whitley – Cal Swimming

“My swim career originally started out as a failed deep-water test at summer camp. The guy that failed me actually ended up being my first primary coach in club swimming. His name was Paul and I broke my first individual national age group record under him when I was 12. I was 6’ 3” backContinue reading “Reece Whitley – Cal Swimming”

Carlos Dotson – Western Carolina Basketball

“Basketball has meant the world to me. It has brought me so much joy and so many great friendships, I’m glad I choose to play this sport. The connections I have gained from basketball have been life changing.  In 9th grade I was cut by my basketball team. The next year I made JV butContinue reading “Carlos Dotson – Western Carolina Basketball”

Drew Clark – Feather River Baseball

“Junior college athletes are often overlooked because we don’t have the social media platform that comes along with being a Division 1 athlete. Yet, we still go through the same struggles, often without a voice. Plenty of JUCO athletes have the weight of the world on their shoulders because we don’t have a secure four-yearContinue reading “Drew Clark – Feather River Baseball”

Elijah Gualdin – Tiffin Track and Field

“Track gave a kid that was nervous to talk to anybody a voice. I grew up stuttering really badly and track has been my way to express myself. It taught me that their are endless amounts of opportunities in this world, you just have to chase them.” “I’ve fought my way to the top ofContinue reading “Elijah Gualdin – Tiffin Track and Field”

Steven Enoch – Louisville Basketball

Basketball means the world to me, and one of the most important things it has taught me is how to work hard and trust the process of constant improvement. Sports have an impact on everyone who watches and plays. My hope for the future of equality in sports is for the world to be moreContinue reading “Steven Enoch – Louisville Basketball”

Darryll Stinson – Central Michigan Football

“Never let a bad day make you think you have a bad life.  One relationship. One opportunity. One thought can change your life. Hang in there. You may just be ONE step away from a brand new life.” “Watching my teammates Antonio Brown, and Eric Fisher (the #1 pick in 2013 draft) and other professionalContinue reading “Darryll Stinson – Central Michigan Football”

Thomas Booker – Stanford Football

“I was interested in Stanford for a long time. Originally, it wasn’t even about football for me. In middle school I was very much into technology and was a huge nerd when it came to mobile technology. I’d ask myself ‘Who is making these apps?’ and I kept seeing that it was Stanford grads. AtContinue reading “Thomas Booker – Stanford Football”

Shyheim Wright – Pittsburgh Track and Field

“Track has been everything to me in terms of how I carry myself as a man and how I look at things now. Track is different than other sports, with the fact that, when you’re out there, you are by yourself. Your performance is based on how you’ve prepared before the race and how youContinue reading “Shyheim Wright – Pittsburgh Track and Field”

Derrick Gordon – Seton Hall Basketball

“I tried a number of different sports growing up.  Basketball was the sport that kind of stuck. I went to one of the top rated high schools in the country at the time, St. Patrick’s High School, and played alongside Kyrie Irving. I was one of the top players in the country in my class.Continue reading “Derrick Gordon – Seton Hall Basketball”

Scotty Pippen Jr – Vanderbilt Basketball

“Some obstacles I’ve had to overcome would be trying to deal with people hating on me because of my dad or just setting me at a higher standard because of him. This is something I’ve dealt with my whole life though.” “My advice to younger players would be just to know how short your windowContinue reading “Scotty Pippen Jr – Vanderbilt Basketball”

Hank Bethel – Bucknell Lacrosse

“I’ve been playing lacrosse for 16 years. Team sports have always taught me valuable lessons of hard work, empathy, and leadership. Through lacrosse, I’ve made a lot of friends across the country, at every level. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to coach and train younger players. I’ve played with kids from all walks of lifeContinue reading “Hank Bethel – Bucknell Lacrosse”

Ian Troost – Pittsburgh Football

“I grew up in New Hampshire which is 95% white. There are a lot of affluent people and tons of wealth in the area. With all that money, they may be ignorant to a lot of what still happens in the United States because we live in a perfect little bubble here.” “I was essentiallyContinue reading “Ian Troost – Pittsburgh Football”

Jeshua Anderson – Washington State/Team USA Track and Field

“I was an only child but my dad had 9 siblings so I got beat up on all the time by my older cousins. I had a competitive mindset so I hated losing. My Dad would tell me, ‘If you want to play on a team you’ve gotta work hard. I’m not going to talkContinue reading “Jeshua Anderson – Washington State/Team USA Track and Field”

Markel Leonard – Lewis and Clark Basketball

“I grew up in Richmond, California. It’s known for a lot of violence and poverty and a lot of things that kids shouldn’t have seen growing up, but I was blessed to be sheltered with a great family. I had a lot of great role models to grow up around. I was raised by aContinue reading “Markel Leonard – Lewis and Clark Basketball”

Trey Harris – Indiana Track and Field

“Chicago is my second home, but that’s another story. I grew up in Elkhart, Indiana. My high school was pretty split but my neighborhood was predominantly Black. I played a lot of AAU basketball growing up. I learned a lot from my teammates and I still keep in contact with them, but some of thoseContinue reading “Trey Harris – Indiana Track and Field”

Casser Middleton – Benedict Track and Field

“Track and field has meant everything to me. It gave me the opportunity to go to school for free. Track and field has taught me that your mindset is the majority of your performance.” “I had to overcome a lot of adversity to get where I am! I went to two schools before I foundContinue reading “Casser Middleton – Benedict Track and Field”