Joy Dennis – USC Beach Volleyball

“It’s actually kind of a funny story how I got into beach volleyball. I was 9 and I went to an AVP even though I didn’t want to go.  I was playing indoor volleyball at the time and I was like ‘I like indoor. There are people that look like me so that’s where IContinue reading “Joy Dennis – USC Beach Volleyball”

Ian Troost – Pittsburgh Football

“I grew up in New Hampshire which is 95% white. There are a lot of affluent people and tons of wealth in the area. With all that money, they may be ignorant to a lot of what still happens in the United States because we live in a perfect little bubble here.” “I was essentiallyContinue reading “Ian Troost – Pittsburgh Football”

Jeshua Anderson – Washington State/Team USA Track and Field

“I was an only child but my dad had 9 siblings so I got beat up on all the time by my older cousins. I had a competitive mindset so I hated losing. My Dad would tell me, ‘If you want to play on a team you’ve gotta work hard. I’m not going to talkContinue reading “Jeshua Anderson – Washington State/Team USA Track and Field”

Jaide Hinds-Clarke – Richmond Basketball

“I thought I’d share my coming out journey. Here it is: When I was ready, I knew I would be ready. I knew for a long time, and could not bear holding the secret anymore. I was ready to share my authentic self with others. I started with my Mom, then my Dad. With myContinue reading “Jaide Hinds-Clarke – Richmond Basketball”

Markel Leonard – Lewis and Clark Basketball

“I grew up in Richmond, California. It’s known for a lot of violence and poverty and a lot of things that kids shouldn’t have seen growing up, but I was blessed to be sheltered with a great family. I had a lot of great role models to grow up around. I was raised by aContinue reading “Markel Leonard – Lewis and Clark Basketball”

Olufolasade “Sade” Adamolekun – USC Soccer

“At age five, my parents had both my older brother and I participate in many sports (basketball, tennis, soccer) with the YMCA. My brother being 2 ½ years older than I, allowed me to tag-a-long with my parents to his games. While he was playing his games, I would play world cup with my brother’sContinue reading “Olufolasade “Sade” Adamolekun – USC Soccer”

Trey Harris – Indiana Track and Field

“Chicago is my second home, but that’s another story. I grew up in Elkhart, Indiana. My high school was pretty split but my neighborhood was predominantly Black. I played a lot of AAU basketball growing up. I learned a lot from my teammates and I still keep in contact with them, but some of thoseContinue reading “Trey Harris – Indiana Track and Field”

Casser Middleton – Benedict Track and Field

“Track and field has meant everything to me. It gave me the opportunity to go to school for free. Track and field has taught me that your mindset is the majority of your performance.” “I had to overcome a lot of adversity to get where I am! I went to two schools before I foundContinue reading “Casser Middleton – Benedict Track and Field”

Riley Smith – Senior USC Tennis

“Growing up I always dreamed of going to USC. They have always been the Mecca of college tennis and there is no hiding that expectation. My dad was the coach at USC and before I had gotten there had led them to 5 NCAA team titles. Playing for my dad was something so special andContinue reading “Riley Smith – Senior USC Tennis”

Maela Lazaro – Senior Oregon State Gymnastics

“Maela is my teammate and my first roommate in college. We were part of a class of seniors that went through a lot of hardships in our four years at Oregon State that not many know about. We lost a friend/teammate to suicide our freshmen year and felt like we didn’t fit in. Sophomore year,Continue reading “Maela Lazaro – Senior Oregon State Gymnastics”

Steven Schoch – Senior University of Virginia Baseball

“Ever since I can remember my baseball journey has been an uphill battle. When I was 7 years old, I got cut from my local travel team. I remember my Dad sitting me down and telling me I could cry, but all I wanted to do was go to the field and get better toContinue reading “Steven Schoch – Senior University of Virginia Baseball”

Max Hazzard – Senior University of Arizona Basketbal

“Ever since I can remember I’ve been playing basketball or have been around it. My love for the game naturally grew. My favorite player in middle school was Russell Westbrook. I modeled my game after his and would try and play just like him. When I got to high school I started watching Steph CurryContinue reading “Max Hazzard – Senior University of Arizona Basketbal”

Joe Thomas – Senior Mountain View High School Baseball

“My junior year season ended early because of a hand injury that resulted in a surgery. It was a devastating injury because I was going to play with probably the best Mountain View Baseball team (talent-wise) in school history. After surgery, in May of 2019, my goal was to return back to my normal gameContinue reading “Joe Thomas – Senior Mountain View High School Baseball”

Sam Crawford – Freshman Georgia Tech Baseball

“I was 4-years-old when I started playing baseball. I was inspired to play because my great-grandfather won a world series with the cardinals in 1934. He really wanted someone in our family to play baseball. Very early on I decided that if I was going to play, I wanted to be the best I couldContinue reading “Sam Crawford – Freshman Georgia Tech Baseball”

Karl Arvidsson – Senior Cal Swimming

“My name is Karl Arvidsson and I am a Senior on the defending national champion Cal Men’s Swim team. I entered the season with one goal in mind: lead the team to another national title. There was a bit more intensity in our everyday practices than previous years when we began training together this pastContinue reading “Karl Arvidsson – Senior Cal Swimming”

Bryce Choate – Senior Oral Roberts University XC / Track and Field

“Track has been consistent through the most uncertain times of my life. My collegiate career began at a small NAIA institution, Tennessee Wesleyan University. My first two years were full of athletic success but mental struggles. I felt as if my life was a series of decisions based on everyone’s expectations. In the midst ofContinue reading “Bryce Choate – Senior Oral Roberts University XC / Track and Field”

Lauren Loven – Senior Denver University Basketball

My name is Lauren Loven. I am a senior at the University of Denver and I am double majoring in International Business and Finance. I have been playing basketball ever since I could walk. I worked my whole life to fulfill my dream of playing D1 basketball.  The University of Denver has given me anContinue reading “Lauren Loven – Senior Denver University Basketball”

Maddy Price – Professional Canadian National Team

“My name is Maddy Price and I am a professional track athlete competing in the 400 and 4×4. I compete for the Canadian National team and was a student-athlete at Duke (18’) where I was a 6x All-American and Captain. I am training in hopes of making the (now) 2021 Olympic Games.” “In my firstContinue reading “Maddy Price – Professional Canadian National Team”

Daniel Connolly – Senior SMU Golf

“I took up the game of golf at a young age and it has been my passion ever since. My earliest memories are filled with time spent on the golf course with friends and family. I fell in love with the game and started competing the year after I first picked up a club. CompetitiveContinue reading “Daniel Connolly – Senior SMU Golf”

Markus Howard – Senior Marquette Basketball

“To be a senior basketball player in the post season, you want to make the most of each and every day. No matter how the regular season went, you look forward to the opportunity to make your mark as a player and team in March. I’ll never forget hearing the news that ours as wellContinue reading “Markus Howard – Senior Marquette Basketball”