Haley Cruse – Oregon Softball

“Softball has instilled so many qualities in me that benefit me both on and off the field. The most important thing it has taught me is how to deal with adversity and how to respond to failure. Growing up, I was a perfectionist who was very afraid of failure. Softball has shown me that the only way to grow as an athlete and as a person is to embrace failure and learn from it.”

“One moment that has defined me as both an athlete and a person was when I did not make the starting lineup in my freshman year of college. I was convinced that I was not good enough to play at the collegiate level. In reality, I was just used to relying on pure talent to be successful. I did not have the work ethic or discipline that was necessary to be successful as a Division 1 athlete.”

“At the end of my freshman year I was faced with a decision: give up or make a change. From that point on, I started putting in the extra work that I needed to elevate my game and succeed at a higher level. I have taken this approach into everything else in my life as well and I haven’t looked back since.”

“I have been lucky enough to develop a platform that I can use to make my voice heard and inspire people. With that platform, however, comes a lot of responsibility. I am constantly learning how to effectively use my voice in a way that I am proud of and that authentically represents my values. The spotlight can bring a lot of pressure and expectations with it, but remembering my values makes it a lot more manageable.”

“I would tell my younger self to hold myself to a higher standard without being asked. Coaches and teammates can try to motivate you, but the only way to grow is to light a fire within yourself. When you put the extra effort into your preparation, you can learn to trust and lean on that preparation when it comes time to perform.”

“The decision to return to Oregon was an easy one. The way the 2020 season ended was not the way I wanted to end my collegiate career. I have spent my time at Oregon developing as a player and a person and I want to be able to use my experiences to help guide the younger athletes in our program. I want everyone on our team to experience the electric atmosphere of the Women’s College World Series because it is truly indescribable.”

“Social media can be very difficult to navigate as an athlete because we are often told to “stick to sports.” However, I believe athletes have the platform to create real change and the ability to reach a lot of people in an authentic and relatable way. No matter what you do or believe, there are always going to be people who disagree with you. I encourage athletes to stay true to themselves and speak up for what they believe in because they have the ability to inspire many.”

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  1. She has a great following mostly because she is very attractive. However she has a great attitude as well!

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