Altia Anderson – Marquette Basketball

“When I think of basketball my mind starts to go through all the memories, lessons and great people it has brought me that I am forever grateful for. The experiences our sports bring us has no limit in what it teaches us. My sport has led me to some very critical learning points that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. From discipline to dedication the lessons and character builds continue to present themselves as I advance in my career. I am who I am today because of God, my family, friends and basketball.”

“To the younger me I would have to explain the concept of growth. That your mistakes do not define you as a person. The mistakes you make are momentary. However, your response is the real key. Don’t be afraid to fail, in fact fail more, learn more, grow more.”

“With the season ending how it did due to COVID-19 and it being my senior year I was extremely sad. Every athlete’s dream is to make the NCAA tournament and not being able to go to the dance was disappointing. Our team was special and will always be special to me. Those girls, the staff and everyone that came along with it mean the world to me. However, I cannot sit back and be upset about what wasn’t able to happen but cherish the moments that were. Our team had and still has a special bond and I cannot wait to see all that they will achieve.”  

“I think there are many ways that we athletes can promote change. I do not think there is one correct answer when it comes to things of this matter. Everyone has a lane that they can use to spark change, to push for a difference and I say find whatever that is and use it for the greater good. One thing that we athletes need to always remember is that WE ARE NOT JUST OUR SPORT. We have a voice and we can make a difference.”

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