Untold Athletes Launches New Logo and Discusses Plans For Future

We are excited to announce the new Untold Athletes logo and share with you our vision for the future. Over the last few months we have witnessed that telling stories is empowering. It takes courage to be vulnerable, but that courage comes back tenfold. By giving voice to your stories, we have created a community of support and inspiration, a place where athletes, coaches, parents, family and friends can come together and connect over something we all share.

We have BIG plans for Untold Athletes and believe it can continue its growth as a powerful platform. The power of sports transcends fleeting moments in an arena. Sports represent hope, sacrifice, and love, but so many stories go untold. Part of our mission is to give voice to the marginalized and underrepresented, and to elevate the stories of those that are unnoticed. We want to share those stories.

We have only scratched the surface of how we cover sports. We hope you will continue with us on this journey.

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