Maddy Price – Professional Canadian National Team

“My name is Maddy Price and I am a professional track athlete competing in the 400 and 4×4. I compete for the Canadian National team and was a student-athlete at Duke (18’) where I was a 6x All-American and Captain. I am training in hopes of making the (now) 2021 Olympic Games.”

“In my first year competing professionally I got to travel the world doing what I love and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Track & Field took me to Japan, Qatar, Spain (3x), Slovakia, Italy, France, Ireland, Luxembourg and many other countries. Getting to this point took years of dedication and fiery hard work, and I am just tipping the surface of where I know I can be.”

“It was so many 4th and 5th places (world relays and world champs) , it was about 7 or 8 2nd place ACC medals but never a championship, it was believing that my time is coming soon.But maybe not as soon as we thought with the IOC officially announcing that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are postponed to 2021.”

“I am so proud of Team Canada for being the leader in pulling out of the 2020 Olympics to prioritize public health and the safety of its athletes, families and communities. This is bigger than sports, bigger than our dreams and bigger than the Olympics.”

“All of the emotion during this uncertain time comes in waves just like grief does too. My dad who passed away about three years ago from melanoma cancer, at the end of his life said that we are remembered for how we made people feel and how they made us feel. He said that human connection is what lasts forever. Not the things you can write on a resume. I think this notion can be easy to forget in our go-getter society, and especially growing up in Silicon Valley.”

“But if loss has taught me anything and if this quarantine teaches all of us anything, it’s that human connection and impact is what carries on, it’s what gives us light, gives us hope and at the end of the day what unites us more than any sport or accomplishment ever could.”

“So above all else in my career, I hope to just fully engage with the amazing people along this journey. Those who continuously inspire me like my little sister who just lost her graduation and her senior season playing lacrosse at William and Mary…who lost dad her freshman year and tore her ACL her sophomore year.. she is the biggest fighter I know & the hardest worker I know. “

“I think grit runs deep in my family and I couldn’t be more proud of that. We have a deep seeded sense of heart…something we got from my mum and dad. We will never give up because we know that getting knocked down just means it’s another opportunity to stand up stronger.” #daybyday

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