Joe Thomas – Senior Mountain View High School Baseball

“My junior year season ended early because of a hand injury that resulted in a surgery. It was a devastating injury because I was going to play with probably the best Mountain View Baseball team (talent-wise) in school history. After surgery, in May of 2019, my goal was to return back to my normal game within a month after recovery which would be in mid to late June.”

 “After much waiting, I was cleared to play a week earlier than anticipated, because of all the hard work to get to the position I was in, and continued to work to be my best self for my Senior season the following March. After months of grind, at practice, home, gym, and my arm care throwing program I was ready to play my first game of my senior season. I had a lot of goals in mind such as being on an all-region team, playing well enough to get more opportunities to play at the next level, and many more.” 

“I struggled hitting for the first few games of my senior  season. I faced real frustration when I couldn’t help my team. Though I faced discouragement, I wouldn’t let it keep me down because we still had many games left in the year and all our hard work was not going to waste.”

“I continued to find ways to get back into my normal groove of hitting. Just a couple of games later I was feeling a lot more comfortable at the plate, but unfortunately, the season was canceled. At first it didn’t feel real and it didn’t quite hit me, but then I realized this could’ve been the last time I would ever lace up my cleats and get ready for another game with my brother.”

“I forever want to thank my parents for doing all they did to get me to the position that I was in. I will never forget their support  regardless of how I played. I dedicated my season to my Grandpa who’s struggling with cancer and before he was diagnosed would never miss any of my games. He taught me to always believe in myself. He always told me to tell myself, “I can, I know I can. Why? Because I have faith, hope, and enthusiasm.” This quote will always live with me forever, for it teaches a lot, not just for the game of baseball, but about life.”

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