Taylor Wiederrecht – Senior Messiah College Track and Field

“My name is Taylor Wiederrecht and I’m a senior at Messiah College. All four years of my college career I played field hockey and ran track. While playing field hockey my freshman year, we won the NCAA Division III National Championship. Despite this accomplishment, I knew there was more to life than a championship title.”

“Over the past four years I have worked hard to become a national caliber heptathlete and high jumper. Last Thursday I received the heart breaking news that my college athletic career was coming to an end the day before I was supposed to compete in the NCAA Division III Track and Field National Championship. I was devastated, but it opened my eyes to the reality that at some point my competitive athletic career would come to an end, and I would have to move on to something greater.”

“ I am still waiting for clarity on what that “greater thing” is, but for now I cherish the memories I made with my teammates over the past four years. Though some days I find myself fighting back tears, I embrace these changes and I am grateful for this journey.”

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