Laurén Schiek – Junior Santa Clara Softball

“Growing up, it was always my dream to play the game I loved at the highest level, while learning at a prestigious university, receiving a high academic education. Stepping onto campus at Santa Clara fulfilled that vision for me. I wanted to come to a place where I could make an impact, be part of the change in tradition, and help put our team on the map. Freshman year, I battled through back to back injuries that kept me away from helping create this momentum of change. And with 3 coaching changes in total and a whirlwind of lessons learned, I landed to my junior year this season determined to make it the best yet, day by day sacrificing time, efforts, and energy, to be prepared, to be confident, and to be ready for my moment, along with my teammates, who were ready for theirs. Our conference season is our time to get a bid to the NCAA tournament and a moment to make a breakthrough for Santa Clara Softball. In my heart I believed Team 42 was going to be ready.”

“That moment didn’t come. “

“With the termination of this season, I was initially devastated, as the countless hours spent in training and preparation from the age of 8 had come to an uncontrollable close. Yet, I firmly believe that God can take any situation and bring good from it. Now it’s my turn to fight back in a new way. Not from injury or sickness, but to fight to be more prepared physically, intellectually, and spiritually to make a comeback when granted, to be more ready for the next moment. All the moments didn’t come this season, more moments will come. Because the best is yet to come…”

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