Emily Cannon – Senior BYU Cheer

 “Competitive gymnastics was my everything from age 3 to 19. After freshman year of BYU gymnastics I left to serve a mission for my church, making me the first collegiate female gymnast in BYU history to return to play after serving an LDS mission. I was one again rostered, as a walk-on, and over time regained and surpassed my previous skill level.”

“New versatile talent edged me out of the beam line-up, resulting in me being cut from the team. I grieved and made a new goal: to become a BYU Cheerleader. My own family laughed when I shared my plans, as I had ZERO cheer/stunt experience. I worked tirelessly making connections, looking for coaching anywhere I could find it. Coach Allan took a chance on me that first year. I earned that spot and worked to show my team I could contribute.”

“Cheer has helped me to grow in ways I didn’t expect, nor thought I needed; the sport will always have my heart. Cheer has only been in my life for two years and it has been devastating to see my cheer career cut short. Life without college athletics is uncertain, but I know I’m not alone, and I know that there are bigger things coming.”

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