Aimee Chambers – Northridge High School Track and Field

“I am currently a senior in high school and the outdoor track season started last week. I am a high jumper and have been doing it since 7th grade. This year I decided to participate in indoor track, and as a result I broke our school’s indoor record… twice. I jumped 5’2” (previous record was 4’8”) then at Simplot I broke my own record, jumping 5’3”. Our outdoor record of 5’2” has been held since 1994 and I was determined to beat it. I was on track and last week at our first outdoor meet, I jumped 5’2” first try and decided to raise the bar straight to 5’4” in which I didn’t clear. I still got first, but I later realized I should’ve raised it to 5’3”. Looking back I really wish I did, because now, I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to reach my goal of setting a new PR. I’m wanting to be recognized by a college, which I’m on track to be, however, with the season postponed, there is a possibility I’ll never get that chance. I miss track season.”

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