Lauren Baglietto – Sophomore Santa Clara Water Polo

“My mom unexpectedly passed away in December of 2019. Practices for our new water polo season started early January. I knew that if there was anything that was going to get me through the toughest time of my life it was getting to play the sport I love with some of the closest friends I’ve made in my whole life.

I decided that I wanted to go back to school (although so soon after) to get to play my second season. 3 weeks into our season, my grandma passed away and then a week after my dad was hospitalized with his own health issues. Knowing that the sport and my teammates were still consistently always there for me, even when it felt like the rest of my life was falling apart, I found this new kind of motivation.

It gave me a distraction and a purpose again. And yeah it sucks that we weren’t able to finish this season, but there is so much more to be grateful for here. The opportunity we had (and still have), the life lessons we’re gaining from this experience. We bust our butts everyday for more than just to win games. We often forget that deeper purpose, but this season helped me find that deeper fire. I’m not sure where I’d be without my team or the season we experienced.”

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